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To provide fun outdoor adventures at no cost to our Wounded Warriors, Battle Buddies, Veterans and their families. We host fishing, hunting, camping and boating events primarily in Northern New York as well as others throughout the United States and parts of Canada.

About WWOA


Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures is a 501(c)(3) organization. This means that we are a not for profit organization. All who are involved with WWOA are strictly volunteers.



President, Bob Giordano

Chairman, Eric Sweet

Director, Tom Lakemper

Director, Tim Callahan

Director, Bobbi Lynn Johnson

Director, Sam Rosato

Director, Amanda Hitterman

Director, Eddie Waters

Director, Jeff Root

Director, Daniel Trippany

Director, Laura Shea

Director, Barb Halpin

In Memory of Director,

Ted Narrow

A Special Thanks to Some

of our Volunteer Guides

(Apologies if your name is misspelled, please email us if so.)

"Jack" John Brownly - Volunteer Photography


Dustin Smithers - Fishing/Hunting

Lou Kiah - Hunting

Don Dobbs - Hunting/Fishing


Spanky Love - Fishing


Jay Foster - Hunting

Jeff Clark - Hunting

Larry Nowicki - Hunting

Jim Root - Hunting

Dave Root - Hunting

Jacob Peterson - Hunting

George Condon - Hunting

John Root - Hunting

Jeff Root - Hunting

Anthony Patoni - Hunting

Ed Rider - Hunting

Calvin Smith - Hunting

Zach Hellmer - Hunting

Rich Rupert - Hunting

Rick Wilson - Hunting

Rick Gary - Hunting



Wounded Warrior Outdoor Adventures